Foundation for success? How entrepreneurs and civil society actors could jointly contribute to a stable and socially just society

Facilitating business activity and encouraging the foundation of enterprises in Arab Countries in Transition (ACTs) is one of the priorities of the Deauville Partnership, along with the alleviation of unemployment, especially among youth. In May 2015, the Deauville partner countries agreed on the Deauville Compact on Economic Governance, a framework for key policy objectives to promote good governance and a sound business climate.

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Chair - Zeidan Ali Zeidan

Management Consultant

»I am looking forward to the ideas and visions that will come out of the dynamic that entrepreneurs and civil society will bring with them from their home countries. A vision built out of the previously opposed forces that during the event find their common interest and benefit«

Expert - Prof. Dr. Dr. Ayad Al-Ani

Researcher and lecturer at the Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society , University of Potsdam

»The digital economy and society hold the promise of new business models, new collaboration and education possibilities disrupting traditional institutions and power structures«


Abdelkrim Hizaoui

As an academic and chairman of an NGO (Media Development Centre), I would like to meeting colleagues interested in media development and democracy, in such countries as Tunisia facing which are facing challenges of democracy transition.

Abdellah Chenguiti Fakhouri

The Conference offers us a great opportunity for networking in a multicultural context.

Ahmed Sharaf Addin

To learn and exchange experiences with other conference participants.

Ali Nooh Alshyab
Head of Economics Department, Jordan

It deals with a very crucial issue, namely that of the role and realm of action of the civil society to shape economic governance and promote social justice. It has been widely acknowledged by the economic literature that development and growth… Read more

Amine Kassaoui

As a civil society activist, this kind of meetings really matter to me for two main reasons: First, it is a good occasion to know and share different point of views with other participants. Second, and consequently, it will improve my skills. Read more

Bassant Helmi

The economic, political and social development of the MENA region can not be achieved without a functional cooperation between the governments and the civil society.

Hafez Albukari

This conference matters to me because it is a rare opportunity for me as a civil society representative to get directly in touch with leading members of the G7 and representatives of institutions supporting the Deauville Partnership. Yemen is… Read more

Haifa Haidar

My presence at this conference is an opportunity for me to ask a point of view about the role of civil society organizations in democratic reform issues today in Jordan. It also is an opportunity to participate activists and experts on civil… Read more

Hamza Abdullah Elnajah

I would love to working on the development of civil society in Libya and achieving a level of understanding of the nature of these institutions. Also, working with other Libyans will help sharing these information.

Hamza Safouane

I am interested in exploring debating ways of securing the chance of successful democratic transition in the MENA region as well as a better integration within the globalized world. One additional key issue that I hope to discuss during this… Read more

Heuda Guessous

It is important to network, to benchmark and also be able to speak, in order to raise awareness about the reality that we are living. Hopefully, some forms of cooperation between organizations and countries will see the light during the conference Read more

Hiba Ben Khalifa

It is an opportunity for me, as a representative of the Arab Civil Society, to express my interest and my views about how to establish partnership with the G7 states and donors, based on urgent issues, to contribute to a better social and economic… Read more

Ikram Massirat Adnani

Because it represents an excellent opportunity to meet experienced civil society actors and to benefit from their broad experience and network with them for potential cooperation. Indeed, this event will be the opportunity to exchange views… Read more

Jochen Lobah
Project Manager, Germany

As regional representative of the German Hanns Seidel Foundation in Morocco and Mauritania, the meeting of relevant members of the civil society will help us to further realizing our two main projects: "Judicial and administrative reform" and… Read more

Khaled Fourati

This conference will allow me to present my views on some crucial issues, to networking with other participants and to enrich my experience, by learning from others. Tunisia is in need of answers to some important topics in order to stabilise… Read more

Laith Qasem

The challenges facing countries today require new paradigms of thought. New paradigms must reflect the opinions of the private sector and civil society. The committees within the conference should facilitate meaningful discussion to help navigate… Read more

Manar Filisteen Elabed

It will give me exposure to different Civil Societies throughout the region, fostering prospective partnerships and the exchange of thoughts and expertise. Furthermore, I will also have the chance to present my ideas to the G7, for prospective… Read more

Mohamed Abdelaziz

This Conference means for me to exchange experiences with international organizations and to promote more support for civil society organizations in the Arab world and Egypt in particular. Civil society has to participate in the discussion of… Read more

Mohamed Hamada

Entrepreneurship is the key to economic prosperity, especially in times where the governmental institutions are overwhelmed by years and years of neglect. It is the creative entrepreneurs' job to find solutions for the 1001 problems in Egypt… Read more

Mounir Beltaifa
President, Tunisia

»Tunisia's economic transformation is obviously too complicated for the government alone to handle«

Mustafa Nasr Al-Hiagem

It includes a large number of civil society organizations and international donor organizations and businessmen, which is an opportunity for me in many ways as below : 1. Discuss trends for Yemeni civil society organizations, especially the… Read more

Olfa El Khalil

The Conference will widen our network and will give us the possibility of exchange with collegues who work in the same domain. Also, it offers me the possibly to take a favorable step for the development of my association

Ouahiba Guetouche

This Conference matters to me, because the participation of civil society in the running and organization of public relations between different peoples and its institutions became a necessity and inevitabily to avoiding stress, tension and… Read more

Oula Ben Nejma

This conference matters to me because the Truth and Dignity Commission as civil society in my country needs your material and moral support to realize the success of the democratic transition in Tunisia.

Rachid Khechana

We work on the partnerships between entrepreneurs and civil society actors that can contribute to a stable and socially just society. We believe that the G7 and donor countries can greatly support us.

Ramzi El-Fekih
Alumni, Tunisia

Tunisia has a great potential for success. We also have great entrepreneurs who can be among the best in the world, but several obstacles are facing them. I would like to make the community aware of the potential and obstacles in the hope of… Read more

Rania Reda Aly Abdelsalam

The conference matters to me because as an entrepreneur and a civil society member, I see a very important role that can be played by civic entrepreneurs in the social and economic development of the country and I would like to communicate the… Read more

Raouf Boutara

As a founder and active member of the Tunisian Civil Society, I am deeply convinced that without global collaboration, chances for success are very tiny. Having the chance to collaborate, especially on the regional level, on a project of recommendations… Read more

Ryadh Bouslama

The Conference will help us to promoting our added value startups and companies in Arab countries, and creating a partnership ecosystem between these startups and those from the G7.

Samer Kawar

I chair an NGO that believes and works on economy issues to reaching social justice. Through its initiatives it is playing an important and is getting involved in legal and regulatory processes related to the Economic field.

Sarah Toumi

I am a social entrepreneur from Tunisia, I employ 30 persons in a rural area where the unemployement rates rises at 60%. I'm facing major issues as an entrepreneur and i would like to explain my view during this conference, in order to support… Read more

Further Committees


  • 17th November 2015

    During the day
    07.00 pm Shuttle Service
    08.00 pm Reception
    10.30 pm End of Reception
    complete day
  • 18th November 2015

    09.00 am Registration
    10.00 am Introduction
    10.15–10.30 am Opening Statement
    10.30–10.50 am Keynote: Economic Governance – Social Justice. Questioning Governance Processes
    10.50–11.05 am Coffee Break
    11.05–01.00 pm General Assembly I
    01.00 pm Lunch
    02.00-04.30 pm General Assembly II
    04.30-06.00 pm Break
    06.00-07.00pm Dinner
    07.00-open end 4 Parallel Draft Committee Sessions
    11.00 pm End. Shuttle back to Hotel.
    complete day
  • 19th November 2015

    09.00-10.45 am Completion of the preliminary version of the results
    10.45-11.30 pm Registration Civil Society
    11.30-01.00 pm Welcome & Vote
    01.00-02.00 pm Lunch
    01.30-02.00 pm Registration Press and Representatives of Governments (Observers)
    02.00-02.45 pm Presentation of the results
    03.00 pm End of Conference
    06.30 pm Optional for participants of the Conference: zenithTalk »Start-Ups in the MENA region«
    09.30 pm Buffet, Get-Together in the location of zenithTalk
    complete day
  • 20th November 2015

    Until noon Check-out at Hotel
    Through the day Official departure of the participants
    complete day

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