No strings attached? International Finance Institutions, Donor Countries & Policy Requirements

International financial institutions (IFIs) like the World Monetary Fund (WMF) and the World Bank often find themselves at loggerheads with government representatives in Arab countries in transition (ACTs).

Tensions seldom arise over micro-managed projects but rather over the terms of large-scale loans. Here is where short-term needs and long-term goals clash: ACT governments find themselves hard pressed to balance budget deficits in order to maintain public services and not risk social unrest and political instability.

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Chair - Christian-Peter Hanelt

Senior Expert , Bertelsmann Stiftung

»I hope that the conference will lead to better coordination among the donor community in their efforts to support Arab transition countries«

Expert - Mounir Beltaifa

President , »Confederation of Citizen Enterprises for Tunisia« (CONECT)

»Tunisia's economic transformation is obviously too complicated for the government alone to handle«


Abdeljabbar Arrach

Abdeljelil Bedoui

The Conference is interesting me for two principal different reasons: The first is the strengthening of the Civil Society's role in the economic development, and the second is the promotion of an effective dialogue between Tunisia and its partners… Read more

Abosaom Alafi

I will take the change of my participation in this conference to discuss the following issues with the international organizations. The local NGOs are facing threats by : 1) Militias of 17 revaluation 2) Gadafi supporters who are against democracy… Read more

Ahmad Awad

This conference matters to me because as a researcher and activist in the field of political economy of the democratization process in the Arab region , I would like to review the standards and criteria set out in order to know the most updated… Read more

Amenallah Mourou

I believe that efficient international cooperation is essential for Tunisia's successfull democratic transition. Je crois quel'efficacité de la cooperation internationale est indispensable à la réussite de la transition démocratique de la… Read more

Amira Hussein

I strongly believe in the importance of civil society, and that civil society is a prerequisite for democracy and development. I have worked with Human Rights NGOs and Political Rights foundations for almost 15 years. Currently, I am working… Read more

Ammar Djeffal
Head of doctoral department , Mediterranean Studies and director of the Laboratory of Studies and Research in International Relations, Algeria

Since I am a researcher at the ANND Beyrouth, the Conference matters to me because I would like to get in touch with other organizations for the personal interest and the interest of my organisation.

Belabbes Benkredda

Christopher Saenger
United States

This conference matters to me because I am eager to learn more about possible partnerships and colleagues working to encourage social and economic development in the Arab world.

Diana Luna

El Miloudi El Mokharek
Secretary-General, Morocco

As general secretary of a Moroccan organisation, its international activities are very interesting to me.

Farah Hached
President, Tunisia

This conference matters to me because it is organized by the Deauville partnership and will give me the opportunity to know more about how this initiative coud help the democratic transition in Tunisia and the Arab region. The importance of… Read more

Héla Boujneh

As a young Tunisian activist I am interested in representing the Tunisian civil society at the G7 Deauville-Partnership Conference on Economic Governance and Social Justice. I want especially to contribute to the vision of the future role of… Read more

Hossam Badrawi

I believe civil organization is an integral partner in the positive development of countries.

Khaled Bouchoucha

It will be a huge opportunity for us to meeting other start-ups, investors and probable suppliers. Thank you very much for the invitation!

Khalida Azbane

I will represent the Economic and Social Council of Morocco.

Maya Bou Ayache

It is an inclusive forum where representatives of civil society organisations can voice their concerns, and share their experiences, challenges and aspirations as active decision makers with relevant stakeholders. During this transitional phase… Read more

Moez Labidi

This conference is important to me because I hope to deepen my reflection on two levels: - The role of civil society in a democratic transition economy; - and the importance of social dialogue for successful economic reform process,

Mohammed Zakariae Aboueddahab

This conference matters to me because it will give me the opportunity to meeting stakeholders of Deauville partnership and to share my point of view on the treated topics. Furthermore, It will be an opüportunity for me to discussing my Moroccan… Read more

Neji Baccouche

Olfa Benfraj

Rafat Al-Akhali

Yemen is one of the Arab Spring countries among the Deauville-Partnership members. The transition in Yemen failed and we are now back on a even worse position. We need to start thinking of a better model for transition in the future.

Salwa Amber

This conference matters to me because of my thorough involvement in many NGOs and because my Strategic Center helps them voluntarily.

Samia Zayani

This conference matters to me because as a young woman from the south , i want to share youth aspiration by supporting convergence towards an inclusive model and a process of good governance, integrity and fight against corruption and move forward… Read more

Suha Mohammed Saeed ba Sherin

The conference will bring together decision makers, and it will be a great chance to promote my country's development priorities in general, and women's issue in particular, in light of the current situation in Yemen.

Wafa Makhlouf

This conference is important to me because it will help us to discuss and to exchanging our experience with the tools that we have and we aim to put in place in order to increase the role of entrepreneurs and civil society, to creating a stable… Read more

Walaa Osman

This conference represents a good opportunity for me to participate in the evaluation of support by G7 countries for those States that witnessed the Arab Spring for the past five years. Also, it is an opportunity to participate in the definition… Read more

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  • 17th November 2015

    During the day
    07.00 pm Shuttle Service
    08.00 pm Reception
    10.30 pm End of Reception
    complete day
  • 18th November 2015

    09.00 am Registration
    10.00 am Introduction
    10.15–10.30 am Opening Statement
    10.30–10.50 am Keynote: Economic Governance – Social Justice. Questioning Governance Processes
    10.50–11.05 am Coffee Break
    11.05–01.00 pm General Assembly I
    01.00 pm Lunch
    02.00-04.30 pm General Assembly II
    04.30-06.00 pm Break
    06.00-07.00pm Dinner
    07.00-open end 4 Parallel Draft Committee Sessions
    11.00 pm End. Shuttle back to Hotel.
    complete day
  • 19th November 2015

    09.00-10.45 am Completion of the preliminary version of the results
    10.45-11.30 pm Registration Civil Society
    11.30-01.00 pm Welcome & Vote
    01.00-02.00 pm Lunch
    01.30-02.00 pm Registration Press and Representatives of Governments (Observers)
    02.00-02.45 pm Presentation of the results
    03.00 pm End of Conference
    06.30 pm Optional for participants of the Conference: zenithTalk »Start-Ups in the MENA region«
    09.30 pm Buffet, Get-Together in the location of zenithTalk
    complete day
  • 20th November 2015

    Until noon Check-out at Hotel
    Through the day Official departure of the participants
    complete day

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