Legal limbo: Legal requirements and protection of NGOs and employee representative bodies

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), as the institutional embodiment of civil society activism and advocacy groups for otherwise unrepresented or discriminated groups, have played an important part in Arab Countries in Transition (ACTs) both before and after the Arab Spring in raising public awareness for social and political problems and helping those who are not able to safeguard their own fundamental human and civil rights.

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Chair - Dr. Jan Claudius Völkel

Visiting Professor & DAAD longterm lecturer , Cairo University

»This committee will roll out the future role of NGOs and trade unions in democratic processes and discuss ways how they can live up to their full potential«


Abdellali Mastour

I believe that the "Declaration on the Right to Development" adopted by the United Nations in 1986, is an appropriate reference for "World Charter for conviviality".

Afraa Fdhil

Help building a strong civil society in Tunisia that has the influence and the power to shape legislation, economy and even more public policies has always been a must for me. Thus, I've decided to apply for the conference in order to learn… Read more

Ahmed Ragheb

This event will be a big opportunity to exchange experiences for all of us.

Amine Ghali
Director, Tunisia

Engaging with large dynamics, would help civil society (and KADEM, of which I am the Director) improve its position as a key partner in the transformation process.

Asmahan Alalas
General secretary, Member board, Associated professor, Co-founder and human rights activist , Yemen

Baligh Al Mekhlafi

Exchange the experiences with other countries about the role of CSO's and Trade Unions in decision making during the transitional periods.

Baraa Zidi
President and General Secretary of several NGOs, Tunisia

Discussing and analyzing The challenges that face the work of Ngos; creating solutions to empower the implication of Ngos in the political decisions; swapping experiences with social society actors - These are my expectations of the Conference. Read more

Elyes Ben Sedrine

Ma participation à cette conférence me donnera l’occasion d’échanger avec les activistes et les représentants de la société civile sur la bonne gouvernance et la justice sociale . Tout échange d’expérience et de point de vue ne peut être que… Read more

Hussam Mujally

CSOs might be the answer to a generation of young people lacking prospects, as well as an opportunity to bring political and social change into communities from within.

Khaoula Ajanane

Malika Bouziane

This conference matters to me, because it is an extraordinary opportunity to meet and learn about the experiences of civil society in the MENA region and to hear about current challenges in the transformation process. The direct exchange between… Read more

Marwan Tashani

I want to advance my knowledge about the modern tool to strengthen Civil society in Libya, and get to know experiences from other countries and successful models.

Saed Karajah

I am involved in legal reform which will facilitate the creation of new civil society organizations, and supporting them in political decision making.

Salah Ziani

This conference matters to me because the more we know about the civil society, the more we take advantge of the potential it has in the process of making human future prosperous.

Samia Jelassi

I want to share knowledge with other participants and benefit from the experiences of others in their development process.

Tamer Khorma

Improving the Legislative environment in Jordan requires, on the one hand, solving the contradictions between domestic laws and the international agreements and conventions signed by the state, and, on the other hand, between the laws themselves.… Read more

Zied Ben Amor

This conference matters to me as a university scholar and researcher, a digital and social media activist and blogger, a co-founder and a vice president of a trade union for university teachers and as an active member involved in the process… Read more

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  • 17th November 2015

    During the day
    07.00 pm Shuttle Service
    08.00 pm Reception
    10.30 pm End of Reception
    complete day
  • 18th November 2015

    09.00 am Registration
    10.00 am Introduction
    10.15–10.30 am Opening Statement
    10.30–10.50 am Keynote: Economic Governance – Social Justice. Questioning Governance Processes
    10.50–11.05 am Coffee Break
    11.05–01.00 pm General Assembly I
    01.00 pm Lunch
    02.00-04.30 pm General Assembly II
    04.30-06.00 pm Break
    06.00-07.00pm Dinner
    07.00-open end 4 Parallel Draft Committee Sessions
    11.00 pm End. Shuttle back to Hotel.
    complete day
  • 19th November 2015

    09.00-10.45 am Completion of the preliminary version of the results
    10.45-11.30 pm Registration Civil Society
    11.30-01.00 pm Welcome & Vote
    01.00-02.00 pm Lunch
    01.30-02.00 pm Registration Press and Representatives of Governments (Observers)
    02.00-02.45 pm Presentation of the results
    03.00 pm End of Conference
    06.30 pm Optional for participants of the Conference: zenithTalk »Start-Ups in the MENA region«
    09.30 pm Buffet, Get-Together in the location of zenithTalk
    complete day
  • 20th November 2015

    Until noon Check-out at Hotel
    Through the day Official departure of the participants
    complete day

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