Think locally: What are the basics of efficient regional and international cooperation between States and Non-State/Non-Government actors, municipalities and city councils?

Neglected and fragmented areas in the Arab world present a special challenge for regional and international cooperation. A centralised bureaucracy with clearly defined responsibilities and transparent modes of operation and money flows can be beneficial for smooth and efficient cooperation between administrations in Arab Countries in Transition (ACTs) and International Finance Institutions (IFIs). However, allocation of resources via centralised state institutions also has its drawbacks.

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Chair - Dr. Asiem El Difraoui

Political Scientist and expert on the Arab World

»Trust, transparency and efficiency are essential to build meaningful partnerships«

Expert - Dr. Martin Pabst

Researcher and political adviser , United Nations Association of Germany

»Each Arab country has its own history and its own specific conditions. Therefore, tailor-made solutions must be found instead of a model for all. Not only national governments, but also regional governments, municipalities, universities, associations, and NGOs may become valuable partners in the reform process«


Aeoub Sofian

The conference seems to be an important chance to rise the voice of civil society in North Africa and the Middle East. Not only that, but also to give us a chance in shaping the future of our countries with the help of the international community.… Read more

Ahmed Chehbouni

This conference matters to me, because it would benefit my organization by providing the right tools for Domestic and international decentralisation processes, and it is a good opportunity for developping and training all stakeholders on good… Read more

Ali Ghannam

This conference matters to me, because i represent the employer group in CESE.

Arslan Chikhaoui

For 20 years I am involved in many task forces in order to bridge Economic and Social gaps between the southern and northern Mediterranean Sea.

Fawzi Addala

Hajer Gueldich

Civil Society is an arena where modern Man develops his individuality, but also learns the value of group action, social solidarity which teaches him true citizenship and equips him to participate in the political sphere of the state. It provides… Read more

Hassan Amillat

We must participate in designing a model of territorial development, which will be synchronized between the local actors and actors of civil society.

Houda Laroussi

Inna Veleva

This conference matters to me, because I am interested in new approaches for identifying areas of convergance and developing recommendations for reconciling diverging interests among the major stakeholders in the region. I believe that building… Read more

Moez Attia
President, Tunisia

I am the president of the "Kolna Tunes". The topics addressed by the conference do greatly interest me, especially those on economic and social development of those countries, that have experienced the Arab Spring, as Tunisia. Precisely the… Read more

Rasha Rashid Jarhum

Said AlDailami

Souad Belhorma

Yasmine Boutaib

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  • 17th November 2015

    During the day
    07.00 pm Shuttle Service
    08.00 pm Reception
    10.30 pm End of Reception
    complete day
  • 18th November 2015

    09.00 am Registration
    10.00 am Introduction
    10.15–10.30 am Opening Statement
    10.30–10.50 am Keynote: Economic Governance – Social Justice. Questioning Governance Processes
    10.50–11.05 am Coffee Break
    11.05–01.00 pm General Assembly I
    01.00 pm Lunch
    02.00-04.30 pm General Assembly II
    04.30-06.00 pm Break
    06.00-07.00pm Dinner
    07.00-open end 4 Parallel Draft Committee Sessions
    11.00 pm End. Shuttle back to Hotel.
    complete day
  • 19th November 2015

    09.00-10.45 am Completion of the preliminary version of the results
    10.45-11.30 pm Registration Civil Society
    11.30-01.00 pm Welcome & Vote
    01.00-02.00 pm Lunch
    01.30-02.00 pm Registration Press and Representatives of Governments (Observers)
    02.00-02.45 pm Presentation of the results
    03.00 pm End of Conference
    06.30 pm Optional for participants of the Conference: zenithTalk »Start-Ups in the MENA region«
    09.30 pm Buffet, Get-Together in the location of zenithTalk
    complete day
  • 20th November 2015

    Until noon Check-out at Hotel
    Through the day Official departure of the participants
    complete day

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