Afraa Fdhil

, The Tunisian Association for Governance | Tunisia

Help building a strong civil society in Tunisia that has the influence and the power to shape legislation, economy and even more public policies has always been a must for me. Thus, I've decided to apply for the conference in order to learn as much as I can about common issues and challenges facing the associative work and to look for possible solutions with other talented participants and stakeholders who will be participating in this very important conference. Also, while I have learned and even practiced different leadership and networking skills through the platform of associative and academic work, I still feel that I need to get better and to go further. And right to its name, the "G7 Deauville-Partnership Conference" will provide me with the opportunity to work more on my skills and to enlarge my professional network of talented leaders and decision makers. Last but not least, I believe that the "G7 Deauville-Partnership Conference" will be a mile stone in my career development.

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